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Shape Painting

A fun and colorful way to help your child learn about shapes!


  • Liquid tempera paint(s)
  • Shallow container(s)
  • Paper cups, small jars, snap-together building blocks, sponges, and other objects in different geometric shapes
  • Several sheets of paper


  • Pour liquid tempera paint into a shallow container. If you like, use more than one colour, using one container for each colour.
  • Collect assorted objects in basic geometric shapes.
  • Help your grandchild dip the objects into the paint, then press them onto the paper.
  • You may wish to use one sheet of paper for each shape, or use one sheet of paper for all the shapes, each a different colour.
  • If possible, use each object in more than one way. For example, a cup may leave a faint outline of a circle if pressed onto the paper upside down, but its base may leave a solid circle.
  • A snap-together block will leave either a row of small circles or a larger square or rectangle, depending on which side is pressed on the paper.
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