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Baby Massage

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Developmental Benefits

  • Security & Happiness
  • Sensory

Your baby begins to respond to touch immediately after birth. The first welcome your baby receives is the tactile comfort of your touch as you hold him. Provide your baby with a Baby Massage so he can delight in the pleasure of your soothing hands.


  • Spread a blanket or a towel on a soft carpet.
  • Place your naked baby on the blanket, on his tummy.
  • Pour a little baby oil into your hands and rub your hands together to warm up the oil.
  • Gently massage your baby from his neck to his shoulders, down his arms to his hands, down his back to his buttocks, down his legs, and to his feet. Use a gentle touch, not too firm and not too light.
  • Turn your baby over on his back and repeat, using more oil.


  • Blanket or towel
  • Baby lotion


Use a soft touch so you don't cause any rug burns! Be sure your baby isn't allergic to the oils or lotions you use. Avoid touching your baby's face so the oils don't get into your baby's eyes.