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Bubble Bath

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Developmental Benefits

Bath time is fun for most babies, although some don't seem to like the water. But no matter what kind of reaction you get from your baby, you can make bath time more fun by adding a few baby bubbles while you wash.


Lay a washcloth on the bottom of your baby's plastic tub to help keep your baby from sliding around.
Fill the tub with warm water and add a small amount of baby bubble bath solution.
Place your baby into the tub, holding her securely at all times to gain her trust.
Sit your baby up so she can safely enjoy the bubbles and splash the water if she wants.
Wash your baby's body parts while singing “This Is the Way We Wash”:

This is the way we wash our face,
Wash our face, wash our face.
This is the way we wash our face, Baby (name) and Mommy.

Continue the song with “...clean our neck,” “...rub our chest,” “...scrub our back,” “...bathe our arms,” “...soap our legs,” “...tidy our toes,” and so on.


Soft washcloth
Plastic baby tub
Baby no-tear bubble bath


Follow these two rules to make sure your baby enjoys the bath: Be certain that your baby feels secure at all times—don't let her slip or dunk under the water. Make sure the water is always warm—not too hot and not too cold. Always keep baby within arm's reach.