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Drum Beat

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Developmental Benefits

Even at this young age, your baby has rhythm! She loves to pound and make noise, so use those skills to turn her into an amateur percussionist. Here are several ways to enjoy the beat of the drums.


  • Seat your baby in the highchair with the tray attached.
  • Offer her a wooden spoon and show her how to pound it on the tray.
  • Next offer her the basting brush and any other "drumsticks," one at a time.
  • Then offer her different items to beat, such as a metal pot, a plastic bowl, a pie pan, a newspaper, and so on.
  • Stuff cotton in your ears so you won't get a headache! (Just kidding!)


  • Highchair and tray
  • Wooden spoon, basting brush, and other "drumsticks"
  • Foil, metal pot, plastic bowl, pie pan, newspaper, and other items to pound


Watch that your baby doesn't hit herself or others with the drumsticks.