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Spongy Shapes

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Developmental Benefits

Water play is fun at any age. Enhance this wet and wild time with Spongy Shapes, which are colorful, creative, and fun to use in the bath—and they're easy to make!


  • Cut colorful sponges into basic shapes, such as circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.
  • Fill a tub with warm water and seat your baby inside.
  • Drop sponges into the water and let your baby explore them.
  • After your baby has enjoyed the sponges, take a sponge and press it to the inside of the tub. As you press most of the water out of the sponge, it will stick to the tub, as if by magic.
  • Attach more sponges to the side of the tub, and let your baby pull them off.
  • Talk about the shapes as you play with them.


  • Package of colorful sponges
  • Scissors
  • Bathtub full of water


Do not leave your baby unattended in the tub, and make sure the water temperature is always comfortable.