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Developmental Benefits

Part Jack-in-the-Box, part Guess-What’s-Inside, this game will keep baby guessing—and giggling. Be sure you have something special at the end of the game to make the wait worthwhile!


  • Collect a variety of boxes that will nest one inside another. Try to get very large boxes and very small boxes, as well as everything in between.
  • Place a special toy or treat in the smallest box for your baby to discover at the end of the game. Close the small box and place it in the next larger box; close the outside box.
  • Continue until you’ve nested all the boxes inside each other, ending with the giant box.
  • Bring your baby into the room and show her the box.
  • Ask her, “What’s inside?” and help her open the box.
  • When your baby sees the next box, say, “Another box!” Lift that box out of the bigger box and ask your baby to open it.
  • Continue until you get to the smallest box, then let your baby open up the surprise!


  • Variety of boxes in different sizes, nesting one inside another
  • Toy or treat


Make the boxes easy to open so your baby can do the task herself without getting too frustrated.