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Play Puppet

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Developmental Benefits

As your baby’s vision improves, he can see objects more clearly at greater distances. To work on his focusing and tracking skills, keep a Play Puppet “handy” for feeding, changing, or play time.


  • Buy a pair of white socks, large enough to fit over your hands.
  • Use permanent felt-tip markers to draw eyes, eyebrows, noses, and ears on the socks’ toes. Outline the heels to create mouths, and draw red tongues inside the folds.
  • Place your baby in your lap, on the changing table, or in his infant seat.
  • Slip one puppet onto your hand and entertain your baby with songs, rhymes, or simple conversation. Slip the second puppet onto your other hand for two-handed fun.


  • Clean white sock
  • Permanent felt-tip markers


Don't let your baby suck on the sock, since the ink might come off.