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Rain Bath

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Developmental Benefits

Help your baby learn about his environment by expanding his world through his senses. Water play provides the perfect sensory-motor stimulation, so turn bath time into a sensory experience!


  • Use a turkey skewer to poke holes on the bottom and sides of the plastic bottle, making holes about one inch apart.
  • Place your baby in a baby bathtub or get into a regular bathtub with him, if you like. Lower your baby into the water gently, to give him time to get comfortable with the strange sensation.
  • Fill the plastic bottle with bathtub water.
  • Hold the bottle up so your baby can see the water pour out from the holes.
  • Hold the bottle over your baby's body and let the water gently tickle him.
  • If your baby's game, hold the bottle over his head to make it rain!


  • Turkey skewer
  • Plastic bottle, such as a liquid dishwashing bottle or ketchup/mustard bottle
  • Baby bathtub or regular bathtub


Try not to get water in your baby's eyes, especially if the water is soapy. If your baby doesn't like getting his face wet, just trickle the water on his body.