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Roaming Spotlight

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Developmental Benefits

To help your baby enhance his visual skills, play a game of Roaming Spotlight. This is a quiet game you can play at night, just before your baby goes to sleep, or to calm him down.


  • Find a room that can be made completely dark.
  • Sit on a chair or on the floor, with your baby in your lap.
  • With the lights off, turn on the flashlight and shine it on the wall, catching your baby’s attention.
  • Say something about the light, such as, “Oh, look at the light!”
  • Move the light beam around slowly, resting it on interesting objects.
  • Say something about the object as it lights up, such as, “There’s baby’s teddy bear!”
  • Continue moving the light around until your baby grows tired of the game.


  • Dark room
  • Flashlight


Don’t shine the light in your baby’s eyes. If your baby becomes afraid in the dark, turn on a night-light, which should not diminish the flashlight’s beam too much.