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Tummy Talk

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Developmental Benefits

Your baby begins learning speech and language long before he utters his first word. Besides talking to your baby, try a little Tummy Talk. It makes speech and language a sensory experience.


  • Remove your baby's clothes (nappy optional) and place him on a blanket, on his back
  • Kneel down beside your baby, chat for a mument, and gently rub his tummy.
  • Now it's time for Tummy Talk. Press your face and lips onto your baby's tummy, and talk, sing, recite a nursery rhyme, or just make up funny words. Vary the pitch and loudness of your voice as you speak.
  • Add a few kisses each time you finish your words.
  • Sit up and smile at your baby after each Tummy Talk. Your baby should be giggling while you play and anticipating the next ticklish chat.


  • Your mouth
  • Soft blanket


Don't speak too loudly; you don't want to startle your baby. And if you play this game with a naked baby, keep a nappy nearby, in case of a sudden tinkle!