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Developmental Benefits

Your baby will soon lose two reflexes she had at birth—the grasp reflex and the baby-doll reflex (she opens her eyes when she sits up)—as she gains more control over her movements. While she still has them, play Upsy-Daisy to take advantage of these reflexes!


  • Lay your baby on a soft, unslippery surface, such as a carpet.
  • Sit at her feet, facing her.
  • Place your thumbs in your baby’s palms and let her grasp them. As she does, wrap your fingers around the backs of her hands.
  • Slowly pull your baby to a sitting position and say, “Upsy-Daisy” as you go.
  • After your baby’s had a mument to see your happy face and enjoy the game, lay her back down and play again.


  • Soft, unslippery surface
  • Your hands


Be sure to hold on to your baby’s hands in case she lets go of her grasp. Move slowly so your baby doesn’t get a neck injury.