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Dried Flowers

Drying flowers is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy their beauty all year long.
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  • Variety of flowers
  • Rubber bands or string
  • Florist’s foam (optional)
  • Vase or pot
  • Clothes hangers


  • Choose a variety of flowers to dry. Some flowers that dry well are baby’s breath, thistles, roses, strawflowers, statice, dahlias, black-eyed Susans, and poppies.
  • Show your child how to use rubber bands or string to tie flower stems together in groups of five.
  • Tie the bunches by their stems to clothes hangers.
  • Be sure the bunches don’t touch each other.
  • Hang the coat hangers in a closet or in a dark, dry, well-ventilated room. The darkness prevents the flowers from fading, and the dryness and ventilation prevent the growth of mildew.
  • After about two weeks, the flowers should be dry.
  • If you like, place a piece of florist’s foam in a vase or pot to help hold the flowers in place.
  • Arrange the flowers however you wish.
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