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Fabric Transfers

This year, little ones can use their imagination to tell Dad "I love you" with this creative Father's Day project. Whether it's through pictures or words, kids will have a gift to be proud of as they get ready for this special holiday. And Dads will love these personalized gifts that come straight from the heart.
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  • Fabric crayons
  • Paper
  • T-shirt, book bag, pillowcase, or other fabric item
  • Iron


  • Have your child use fabric crayons to draw a picture or design on the paper.
  • Place the paper crayon-side down on the T-shirt or other fabric item, and iron it to transfer the picture to the fabric (adults only).
  • If using words in the picture, remember to write the letters backwards on the paper so they transfer correctly to the fabric.


Adult participation needed for use of iron.
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