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Ice Ornament

On a cold winter day try this fun nature craft. Gather up some natural objects and freeze them in a pie pan. Take the frozen ornament outside and hang it on a tree branch, then watch the ornament sparkle in the sun!
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  • Natural objects (pebbles, bark, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, nuts, seeds, wood shavings, shells, and dried flowers)
  • Aluminum pie pan
  • Heavy string or shoelace
  • Water


  • Have your child arrange the natural objects in the pie pan.
  • Fold the string in half and lay it in the pan so the fold is over the edge and the two ends are in the center of the pan.
  • Fill the pan with water. If the weather is cold enough, place the pan outside to freeze.
  • If not, place it in your freezer.
  • When the water is frozen, remove the ice from the pan and hang it outside.
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