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Mother's Day Picture

May is a special month for mothers, so help the kids make a special Mother's Day gift for their own moms.
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  • Plastic lids from margarine or other plastic containers, enough for each child
  • Child's blunt-tip safety scissors
  • White glue (non-toxic)
  • Felt or paper doily
  • Camera or photograph of each child
  • Magnetic tape


  • Pass out plastic lids to each child.
  • Set out felt scraps pre-cut into circles the same size as the lids, or use small doilies the same size as the lids.
  • Have the kids glue the felt or doilies onto the inside of the lids.
  • Take pictures of each child using an instant camera, or use pictures they've brought with them.
  • Cut the pictures into heart shapes.
  • Have the kids glue their pictures onto the felt- or doily-covered lids.
  • Let the kids add extra decorations if they like, such as sequins, beads, feather, ribbons and so on.
  • Cut the magnetic tape into strips a little smaller than the lids and remove the paper from the sticky side.
  • Turn the lids over and have the kids stick the magnetic tape onto the lids.
  • Let the kids give their magnetic framed pictures to their moms to put on the refrigerator.

Learning Skills

Fine motor skills
Family relationships/emotional expression
Creativity and imagination
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