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Spice Turkey

This Thanksgiving, invite your child to join you in spicing up the season! A bit of love and laughter will add to the fun and then you all can enjoy this enticing turkey when you're done. So harvest up any little wild pilgrims and see who can create the most awesome autumn turkey!
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  • White glue
  • Shallow container
  • Construction paper, small paper plate, or small aluminum pie pan
  • Pumpkin pie spice, allspice, ground cinnamon, or ground nutmeg
  • Black and red markers


  • Pour the glue into the container.
  • Dip your child's hand in the glue and press it, fingers spread, onto the paper, plate, or pie pan to make a handprint turkey.
  • Have him sprinkle spices onto the turkey.
  • When the glue is dry, use the black marker to draw an eye and beak on the thumb, and turkey feet at the bottom of the print.
  • Use a red marker to draw a wattle around the beak.
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