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Turkey Placemats

Make these turkey placemats for the kids to use during their special Thanksgiving meal. If you have time and energy, make enough for each family member! (For kids under 2, help them put together their pre-cut turkey placemats.)
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  • Large sheet of brown construction paper
  • Sheets of construction paper in fall colors: brown, tan, orange, yellow, red, cream
  • Safety scissors (or precut the shapes)
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Clear, one-sided sticky paper or laminator


  • Prepare foundation of turkeys using large sheets of brown construction paper by cutting scallops along three sides—one long side and two short sides.
  • Give one sheet to each child.
  • Set out fall colors of construction paper and let the kids cut them into feather shapes, or tear them into short strips to look like feathers (or you can precut them ahead of time).
  • Have the kids cut a turkey head from one of the colors (draw outline ahead of time, or precut them).
  • Have the kids glue the head and feathers on the construction paper to make the turkey.
  • When the placemat is finished, cover it with clear one-sided sticky paper or laminator to preserve it.
  • Make more for the rest of the family members, if you like.
  • Send the placemats home with the kids.

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