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Black Cat

Try a fun & creepy craft for Halloween. Make your own black cat to hang in a window or on the front door to spook your trick-or-treaters as they arrive this Halloween!
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  • Child's blunt-tip safety scissors
  • Construction paper, poster board, or pencil and paper
  • Black tissue paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Black string licorice
  • Pink construction paper, craft foam, or yarn (optional)
  • Black yarn (optional)


  • Cut a simple cat shape from construction paper or draw the outline of a cat on paper.
  • Tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces.
  • Have your child brush glue all over the cat shape, then press the tissue paper pieces onto the glue.
  • Glue on googly eyes and black string licorice whiskers.
  • If you like, glue on a nose cut from pink construction paper or fashioned from yarn.
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