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Leaf Art

When the leaves start to fall and the crisp air is calling you outdoors, try this fun and festive craft to get you in the mood for autumn! Make it even more special by pairing this activity with some warm apple cider and your favorite fall treat!
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  • Glue and liquid tempera paint or food coloring; or thinned colored glue
  • Paintbrush
  • 2 equal-size sheets of wax paper
  • Colorful leaves
  • Flowers, pine needles, and other natural objects (optional)
  • Glitter
  • Hole punch
  • Piece of string, less than 12? in length.


  • Mix glue with paint or food coloring, or use colored glue thinned with a little water.
  • Paint the glue onto one sheet of wax paper.
  • The paper should be well coated with glue.
  • Have your child stick colorful leaves onto the paper.
  • If you like, add other natural objects.
  • Sprinkle glitter over the leaves.
  • Paint glue onto the other sheet of wax paper, then place it on top of the first sheet.
  • Press the sheets together, punch a hole near the top, then use string to hang the picture in a window.
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