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Make a Mask

Let the kids make their own masks to wear at Halloween—or any time they want to be in disguise! (For kids under 3, let them wear the masks you make.)
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  • Plain masks, available at costume or party stores, or make your own with tagboard and elastic
  • Decorations, such as feathers, stickers, decals, puffy paints, markers, glitter, and so on
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Mirror


  • Pass out plain masks to each child and let them try them on.
  • Have them take off the masks and decorate them with the supplies on hand.
  • Provide help as needed, and supervision as they work.
  • When the masks are finished, have the kids put them on again and look in the mirror.
  • Ask them to act out the way the mask makes them feel—happy, scary, shy, silly, angry, and so on.
  • For added fun, ask them to guess who's behind each mask!

Learning Skills

Creativity and imagination
Fine motor skills
Social skills
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