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Spider Web

Don't be scared … kids will be "drawn in" to the fun of creating their very own spider web. Add it to your collection of spooky Halloween decorations that everyone looks forward to seeing year after year, and you'll be reminded of the fun you had spinning this web together!
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  • Black tempera paint
  • White paper plate
  • Black marker
  • Child's blunt-tip safety scissors
  • Tape
  • Black yarn
  • Plastic insects (optional)
  • Black paper plate (optional)
  • White tempera paint (optional)
  • White yarn (optional)


  • Have your child dip her thumb into the black paint and press it onto the center of the plate. This will be the spider's body.
  • When the paint is dry, draw on 8 spider legs.
  • Cut 1/2-inch slits at 1-inch intervals around the edge of the plate.
  • Tape 1 end of the yarn to the back of the plate.
  • Show your child how to wrap the yarn across the front and back of the plate, inserting it into the slits, to make a web.
  • Make sure the web doesn't cover the spider.
  • When the web is finished, trim any excess yarn and tape the end to the back of the plate.
  • If you like, glue plastic insects onto the web.
  • Note: if you prefer, use a black paper plate, etc. Use white paint and white yarn to make the spider and its web.
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