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Alphabet Book

This is a good rainy day project that can be completed during one or more sittings.


  • Crayons or markers
  • Small notebook or sheets of paper folded together and stapled inside a construction paper cover
  • Glue
  • Photos
  • Childamp;#39;s blunt-tip safety scissors
  • Old magazines


  • Help your child print a letter of the alphabet on each page of a small notebook.
  • Use the alphabet book in one of the following ways:
  • Have your child write words she knows on the appropriate pages: cat on the C page, Mum on the M page, and so on. She can illustrate the words or glue in appropriate photos or pictures cut from magazines.
  • On each page, have your child draw a picture of an animal that begins with that letter, or cut animal pictures from old magazines and glue them onto the page.
  • Look through magazines and grocery store fliers for pictures of food that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Cut out the pictures and glue them onto the appropriate pages. If you like, help your child label the pictures.
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