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Costume Box

Encourage the kids to use their imaginations when celebrating Halloween with their friends. Just provide them with dress-up selections and let them put together their own creative costumes!


  • Variety of clothing articles, such as scarves, hats, gloves, shoes, vests, wraps, fancy dresses, ruffly shirts and silky pants
  • Mirror


  • Lay out dress-up clothes in the middle of the play-room.
  • Let the kids choose whatever they want to put on and create a Halloween costume.
  • Keep a full-length mirror handy so the kids can see how they look as they try on different outfits and accessories.
  • When the kids are ready, ask them to talk about their costumes.
  • Have a parade around the room, house, or yard.
  • Videotape the kids for added fun and play back the video. (You might want to send home pictures of the kids so their parents can enjoy them, too.)

Learning Skills

Make-believe and dramatic play Fine and gross motor skills Language development
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