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Go Fish

Take the kids on a fishing expedition and let them catch a few surprises


  • Plastic or rubber fish, small inexpensive toys, wrapped snacks, and/or other surprise objects, 2 to 3 per child
  • Tape
  • String
  • 2 magnets per child
  • Large cardboard box or table covered with sheet
  • Wrapping paper tubes or plastic poles for each child


  • Collect 2 to 3 fish, toys, snacks and/or surprises for each child
  • Tape a magnet to each object.
  • Place the objects in the large box with a hole cut open at the top, or on the other side of the covered table.
  • Have the kids tie a string around the end of each tube or pole. Secure it with tape, if needed.
  • Tie a magnet to the other end of the string.
  • Invite the kids to go fishing. If you're using a large box, have the kids toss the fishing pole string and magnet into the hole at the top. If you're using a covered table, have them stand on one side of the table and toss the string and magnet over the table to the other side where the objects are.
  • Have them "reel" in their catches by pulling up the fishing pole and gathering the string to find their surprises
  • If they "hook" 2 objects, they must put them both back and try again.
  • Make sure every child gets an equal number of prizes.

Learning Skills

Imagination and make believe Social skills Fine and gross motor development Cause and effect
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