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Make a Fancy Fan

Have the kids make a fancy fan to help them keep cool during the summertime heat.


  • Sheet of 11-inch by 14-inch construction paper or cardstock for each child
  • Ribbon or lace
  • Glue
  • Safety scissors
  • Non-toxic markers, crayons or coloured pencils
  • Glitter, sequins, other decorations
  • Tape


  • Give each child a sheet of paper.
  • Have the kids glue the ribbon or lace along the top of one long side of the construction paper. Cut to fit.
  • Have them use the markers to draw colourful designs on one or both sides of the paper.
  • Add glitter and other decorations to the design.
  • When the decorations are dry, fold the paper into ½-inch creases back and forth, accordion-style.
  • Tape the bottom end of the fan closed and open up the top.
  • Fan yourselves to keep cool.
  • Make giant fans out of larger paper and see how they work.
  • Play "Fanning Fun." (See below)

Learning Skills

Fine motor development Creativity and imagination Social interaction Cause and effect
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