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Baby basketbal

Beoordeel deze activiteit

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Verrijkt de leefwereld van uw baby

  • Grofmotorische vaardigheden
  • Evenwicht & Coördinatie

Ball games aid the development of eye/hand coordination and gross motor skills for both babies and toddlers, and they give your child a satisfying sense of achievement. Try this basketball game for beginners and who knows where a little practice may lead!

Wat te doen

  • Set your basket or other large container against a wall inside or outside the house.
  • Stand your baby about a foot away from the basket and give him the ball.
  • Encourage him to throw the ball into the basket.
  • If the game is too easy for your budding NBA player, have him move back one or two steps. If it’s too hard, have him move forward.


  • Large, lightweight plastic or foam ball about 12 inches in diameter
  • Large basket, tub, or box, large enough for the ball to fit in easily
  • Floor space


If you’re playing indoors, be sure the area is clear of valuables that could be broken.