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Spelen in een band

Beoordeel deze activiteit

Beweeg de cursor over de sterretjes om een cijfer te geven

Verrijkt de leefwereld van uw baby

  • Fantasie & creativiteit
  • Fijnmotorische vaardigheden
  • Luisteren & communiceren
  • Nieuwsgierigheid & nieuwe ontdekkingen

Your baby enjoys exploring new sounds, and he especially likes making noises. Here's an opportunity for him to join his first band—and he can play all the instruments!

Wat te doen

  • Collect a number of noise-making items from the kitchen and place them on the floor.
  • Seat your baby in the middle of the kitchen instruments and let him explore their properties.
  • Teach your baby how to make a variety of sounds—pound, tap, beat, shake, rattle, even roll.
  • After your baby has some fun with the instruments, turn on some music and teach him how to keep rhythm.


  • Noise-making items from the kitchen: aluminum or tin pie pans, pots and pans, plastic bowls, wooden spoons, basting brushes, whisk, empty oatmeal or cereal boxes, empty milk cartons, spoons, plastic cups, and jars of seeds or beans
  • Kitchen floor


Be sure all kitchen items are safe for playing—no sharp edges or corners.